Allan Hill


TRAINING, Allan is an approved Ontario Government ORAB Trainer, using Xerox Train the Trainer methodology, If there is an objection, meet it head-on
Unlike many my method of training is restricted to only ON SITE Three day sessions. This allows a total customization to your needs as a company. Who wants to sit and listen to everyone’s else unique issues. I provide the following Training to meet the needs of a Food Company striving for excellence.

INTERNAL AUDITING: Based on the food safety standard that the client choses. Using the experience of some 160 companies’ audit, it has to be just right. The methodology is based on ISO 19000 auditing principles

HACCP CODEX: This is NOT a HACCP Principles overview, I train your staff in how to develop a Plan that meets your requirements for your site. Anyone can read about a HACCP CODEX system, just go to Codex Alimenatrious

WRITE YOUR OWN FOOD SAFETY MANUAL: A complete program on how to go about creating and writing your own Manual, unlike many others I will not be there to recite the Food Safety standard you are attempting to develop, but on how to set up a Manual that you will use for years to come