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Some clients in particular wish to engage someone to take them through every step of the process. The following is a typical Project outline
We use the format that our organization has continually developed and is known to meet the requirements of GFSI Standards and the GFSI auditors. Your plant and office personnel would receive copies of the minutes of our Food Safety Team meetings prepared by your staff and provide feedback to the main team where appropriate. By providing information on our progress, each employee will be able to modify policy and procedure to reflect what they do.

In the development of any system, indoctrination and training is the key to fully understanding requirements. By documenting policy and procedure we are more confident in the tasks performed by personnel. The use of a GFSI Standard requires that personnel are capable of understanding the task at hand and that evidence of training is documented.

Management will play a critical role in the success of the GFSI system by providing commitment to the program. Management reviews are required on a quarterly basis, (annually according to the standard, at a minimum) and cannot be delegated. Lastly, be prepared to be overwhelmed at times. Allan R. Hill will direct and set a discipline to get the job done in the time outlined in schedule following to suit your requirements.


The scope of the proposed project is to develop an GFSI System. Implementation of each system element and its associated policies will be initiated as they are developed in order to test their effectiveness.

At the end of the project period and successful implementation of all quality policies and procedures, your Company. will be in a position applying for auditing and accreditation by one of GFSI’s accredited Auditing bodies (CB’s).


2.1 Food Safety and HACCP Team Formation (both may be the same and each have to have specific training to be on these teams)
The Food Safety and the HACCP Team, comprised of key individuals from the organization, will be formed. The members will be indoctrinated with regard to the CODEX Allimentarious food safety standards (sic HACCP), the specific standard within GFSI as well as the program content and objectives. They will be instructed on how to develop and implement specific program elements.

2.2 Weekly or Monthly Training Meetings (dependent upon client schedule)

A formal weekly or monthly training meeting will be held with the Food Safety and HACCP Team and the purpose of each food safety and quality system discussed.

The appropriate policies for each element will be developed at the meetings (where possible) or assigned as homework to the applicable team member. The homework inputs will be further developed by Allan R. Hill to conform to the requirements of GFSI and converted into finished food safety and quality manual components.

2.3 Element Implementation

When an element has been covered and the appropriate policy developed, the Food Safety and HACCP Team will be required to initiate its implementation at that time. Experience with its use, over the weeks and months which follow, will be brought to the meetings and the system modified where necessary.

When necessary, GFSI awareness meetings may be held with working staff to assist with this activity. It is GFSI policy that the working staffs contribute to the development of the various elements and implement the GFSI system. Experience shows that the persons doing the work are the ones best suited to implement a food safety and quality system.

2.4 Organizational Structure

The organizational structure, pertaining to food safety and quality management, will be reviewed to ensure that it clearly reflects the overall management of the company and conforms to the requirements of GFSI Standards.

2.5 Resources and Personnel

Management will be required to provide sufficient and appropriate resources in order to implement the policies and achieve the objectives required by GFSI. These may include:

1* Human resources and specialized skills;
2* Manufacturing equipment;
3* Inspection, Test and Examination equipment;
4* Instrumentation and Computer software;
5* Consistent evaluation of supplier products for compliance;
6* Consistent evaluation of processes.
7* Select a person and obtain outside formal training in HACCP and Internal Auditing (GFSI requirements) at additional cost to client

2.6 Detailed Procedures

In addition to the policies developed, detailed procedures are also required by the GFSI Standard. Instruction will be given to the team on how to further develop practical, simply stated, unambiguous procedures. They will include methods to be used and criteria to be satisfied. Together we will create the policy, develop the procedures as checklists, and implement as we go.


8* This project schedule is defined to meet at regular dates with Allan R. Hill to start ( schedule based on ) an established date
9* Meetings with Allan R. Hill on weekly or monthly basis thereafter until the project is completed (anticipated to be a number of weeks or months depending on the size and complexity of the project)


Based on our assessment of the discussions and review of your method of work and your facility, the proposed work will require a time period to complete, an audit date would then be established

The professional fees for this level of assistance will be established Plus applicable GST

The proposed payment schedule established by the project, with an initial payment of 15% due prior to the start date. The subsequent payments over the established schedule and due on the same date as the start date in the month following,. The balance is payable on completion of the Accreditation by GFSI (CB) audit personnel

All taxes as applicable will be charged as a separate amount on each invoice and is not included in the above totals. Other additional direct costs include the cost levied (on an as applied basis) by GFSI, Cost of formal outside training and various software which may be obtained to facilitate the implementation of GFSI requirements i.e.; Calibration, Process control, Tracing etc.


As a result of this assignment, the client. shall possess all the elements required to successfully implement an GFSI System. The trained food safety and HACCP Team will have increased awareness and be capable of developing, improving and modifying if required of the GFSI system. This includes performing internal audits to verify the effectiveness of the system.


At the conclusion of the consulting agreement, Allan R. Hill shall provide your company with a completed GFSI Manual as well as a copy on CD (MS Word). The manual will meet the requirements of the GFSI

Thank you for your considering Allan R. Hill at this time. We look forward to working with you.