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SQF CODE, BRC or FSSC 22000 GAP Analysis Proposal

Proposal for A GAP of a GFSI Standard at:


Complete a formal review and analysis of the clients documentation and their implementation of the requirements of a GFSI Standard,

Including review of your Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP) based on CODEX Alimentarious:

Status of the System:

Your GFSI System was to be implemented in conjunction with the appointed Food Safety Team. Your Team should have developed in conjunction with other firm members the material and procedures required to successfully implement the GFSI System.. Once your GFSI System was implemented it must be maintained and show improvement.

The Analysis includes the following activities:

a) A Management Representative is interviewed to see if the resources were allocated to assist your Team.

b) An assessment of existing plant operating, quality and inspection procedures, including the supporting forms and instructions are conducted. This will also include a review of floor plan(s), elevations and specifications. A determination will be made to assess the need for additional procedures and forms.

c) Evaluate the prerequisite requirements as follows but not limited to;

  • Adequate facilities including the building(s), outside property, sanitary facilities and water quality.
  • Receiving and storage facilities for raw materials, ingredients and packaging material.
  • Equipment design, performance and maintenance.
  • Training programs encompassing manufacturing, hygienic practices and controlled access.
  • Sanitation and pest control programs.
  • Health and safety recall procedures.

d) An assessment of how you Identified the biological, chemical and physical food hazards, in accordance with the Regulations and Good Practices, to determine the critical control points in the process.

Review the HACCP program developed includes the following activities:

a) Look at how you prepared your HACCP Plan in accordance with CODEX outline describing or providing for:

  • Put together your HACCP Team Product description and intended use.
  • Process flow diagram and plant schematics.
  • On-site verification of flow diagram and plant schematics.
  • A list of hazards and preventive measures.
  • The HACCP decision tree that determines critical control points.
  • The critical limits at each control point.
  • The monitoring procedures.
  • The deviation procedures.
  • The verification procedures.
  • Record keeping and documentation describing the plan.
  • Verification of the HACCP Plan.

b) Your Food Safety Team would have prepared any Work Instructions required by the GFSI Plan. Describing the jobs and the activities required.

c) Review forms required to document activities at each critical control point.

d) Review all documented procedures for consistency with the Quality Control Points that may be specified as part of the processes.

Review the Implementation phase includes the following activities:

a) Review Managements approval for the GFSI Plan and work instructions and obtain the resources to fully implement the Plan.

b) Review how Instruction was given to all employees in the requirements of the Plan and their responsibilities.

c) Review how the system was implemented. Coaching, evacuating and reinforcing employee knowledge about the Plan.

Make recommendations of the status of the GFSI Plan that was in place

Each element will have an outline of what may be required to meet the GFSI Standard chosen or acceptance as is


A normal time line to conduct a GFSI system review is three days for a mid-sized firm (there is no advantage for a smaller organization, as the expectations are the same) For larger companies a detailed review before stipulating the timeline is necessary but usually would not exceed a fourth day

Draft Manual

If as a result of the review of the System in place a recommendation may be made (should the clients position be too far away from completion themselves) to proceed with the creation of a DRAFT Manual which is customized to the company based on the findings from the GAP Analysis. This DRAFT Manual takes six days for a mid-sized firm, slightly more for a larger one. There is the requirement of having copies of all relevant files and forms that the company works with, or if lacking, suggested forms and procedures that can be used to meet requirements.

Closing Requirements

All GFSI Standards require that the participant have completed a full review of their entire system prior to Registration. This means that the entire system has been audited by the companies own internal audit team, and that a Management review have been conducted along with proof that the company has in place a acceptable vehicle to be used to show that the firms activities related to the GFSI standard chosen have resulted in continuous improvement