1 Production, Capture and Harvesting of Livestock and Game Animals         OMAFRA
2 Growing and Harvesting of Animal Feeds         OMAFRA
3 Growing and Production of Fresh Produce Bright Harvest, Great Lakes Kraut, Wisconsin and New York       GLKC-Sysco (WI & NY)
4 Fresh Produce Packhouse Operations       Mr Produce OMAFRA
5 Extensive Broad Acre Agriculture Operations         GLKC-Sysco (WI & NY)
6 Harvest and Intensive Farming of Fish          
7 Slaughterhouse, Boning and Butchery Operations Merrick Pet Care     Millgrove Packers  
8 Processing of Manufactured Meats and Poultry Delcorp, Champagne Poultry, Pacific Meat Wholesale, Merrick pet care, John Volpi Foods, Buddig (Chicago) and Wisconsin     Delcorp, Champagne Poultry, Pacific Meat Wholesale, J&J Meat Trading, AM Meat Wholesale, Shing Lung Trading, N & H Food Company, Klements, Eddy Packing Delcorp, N & H Food Company, Honeymans (Sysco), Stuart Carrol, Borges
9 Seafood Processing         Ocean Seafood, Atlantic Seafood, Central Epicure
10 Dairy Food Processing Salarno, Carribean Ice cream, Gilman Cheese Corp       Salarno
11 Honey Processing          
12 Egg Processing          
13 Bakery and Snack Food Processing MJ, Fine Foods, TWI Foods, Bakery Delite, Tastykake – Oxford, Crème Curls Tastykake-Philadelphia   MJ, Fine Foods, Kensington Natural Bakery MJ, Fine Foods, TWI Foods, The Bread Guys,
14 Fruit and Vegetable Processing Vegfresh, AJ Lanzarotta
Great Lakes Kraut, Wisconsin and New York
DiSilva   AJ Lanzarotta, LeonardsWholesale Vegetables, Fresh Start Vegfresh
15 Canning, Pasteurizing, UHT and Aseptic Operations Great Lakes Kraut, Wisconsin and New York        
16 Ice, Drink and Beverage Processing Alfresh, Carribean Ice cream, GK, WestrockCoffee, S&D Coffee, New England Coffee   Florida Caribbean Distillers Alfresh, Damon Industries Alfresh
17 Confectionary Manufacturing Coby’s Cookies’ Inc, Just Great, Ferrara Candy Company (Brampton), (Mississauga), Tastee Apple, Smith Brothers Company (Chicago)     Dare Foods, Organic snack foods, Art Desserts Ferrara Candy Company
18 Preserved Foods Manufacture Great Lakes Kraut, Wisconsin and New York        
19 Food Ingredient Manufacture Fibretech, Imperial Flavours, River Valley Foods, Bio-Kinetics, Butter Buds, MiMamas, Red Arrow Cereal Ingredients Takasago, Sweetener Supply, Sugar Services Fibretech, Diamond Brands-IOWA, Diamond Brands-OHIO Imperial Flavours, North Star
20 Recipe Meals Manufacture Florentina Pasta, Supreme Perogies, Merrick pet Care     Florentina Pasta, Regina Pasta Supreme Perogies
21 Oils, Fats, and the Manufacture of Oil or Fat-based Spreads TRT-ETGO        
22 Processing of Cereal Grains and Nuts Latitude 1        
23 Food Catering and Food Service Operations Sequel Foods (KFC), Rupari Food services     Sequel Foods (KFC), SKOR Culinary Sequel Foods (KFC), SKOR Culinary, Elite Salads, Royal Touch
24 Food Retailing       SKOR  
25 Fresh Produce Wholesaling and Distribution Lanzbro, Vegpak     Vegpak Lanzbro
26 Food Wholesaling and Distribution BEL Transport, – LJW Transport, McRae, Cavallaro Foods, Americold/Versacold (Dallas, LaPorte, Tacoma, Belvidere)     BEL Transport, SKOR Group HBC –EBTC, Logistics/ Richmond Zellers – Metro / Burnaby – LJW Transport, SKOR Group
27 Manufacture of Food Sector Packaging Materials Polytainers, Packall PSI-Arkansas. PSI-Georgia   Polytainers, Packall, Grosnor Industries, Burrows Paper _Mt Vernon, Burrows Paper Little Lake TetraPak-Aurora Edmonton, Vancouver, Polytainers, Packall
28 Provision of Crop Spray Services          
29 Provision of Field Harvest Services          
30 Provision of Sanitation and Hygiene Services       Goldmark  
31 Manufacture of Dietary Supplements          
32 Fertilizer Manufacture          
33 Manufacture of Agricultural Chemicals and Food Processing Aides Univar     Univar  
34 Manufacture of Animal Feeds          
35 Broker or Agent